Cold Weather Reminder!


Pets can dehydrate just as quickly in the WINTER as they can in the summer. Make sure both your inside AND OUTSIDE pets have access to a water bowl at all times! This cold weather can take a lot out of an outside dog and they need extra energy to stay warm. Don’t allow your outside dog to eat snow, it will lower their body temperature and they will have to work twice as hard to try to keep warm……..

Welcome To Minnesota Dog Talk!

We’re hard at work getting this website going, just for you! We know many of you like our content and we decided that the best way to get content to you is through our own website! We will have a page dedicated to Death Row Dogs, a Lost / Stolen Dogs page and what you love the most, our Blog! Please have patience with us as we are not web developers and we are learning all of this as we go. However, we are very excited for what’s to come. So be sure to add us to your bookmarks and check back often for new Blog posts, Death Row Dogs and be sure to send us your Lost or Stolen dogs!